Wild Life


The elusive wildlife in Grand Teton National Park can easily be found if you know where to look. Rangers at the park visitor's center can direct you towards places where wildlife has been reported that week. A common way of noticing something is nearby is by noticing the traffic jams caused by other getting a glimpse.

The partially unpaved Moose-Wilson Road is a popular area to scout for Moose that hang out in the ponds and willows on the east side of the road. In the fall, black bears are known to frequent the bushes full of berries along the road. Other popular areas to see moose, is along the Snake River and in the willows at Jackson Lake Lodge.

Elk tend to hide a bit more during the day but often you can catch their movement in the early morning as they start their day. In the fall you can easily see as thousands begin to gather on the National Elk Refuge, where they will winter.

Bison love the Moulton Barn region and all along Antelope Flats Road, you can spot a roaming heard. Heading north past the Triangle X Ranch is open fields where the bison can't make up which side of the road they want to be on.

Remember to Be Aware and Beware, they are called Wild for a reason.

Photo by Jonathan Adams