Schwabacher's Landing

Schwabacher's Landing

This is easily one of the most popular spots for professional photographers to capture the dramatic Tetons with a classic water reflection in the foreground.

Schwabacher's Landing is accessed roughly four miles north of Moose off of the main highway. The gravel access road can become rough and rutted at times but easily accessible by car. Travel to the parking lot at the end of the gravel.

A ten-minute walk from the parking lot takes you to the classic view. A path along the water heads northwest then turns north to follow a trail along a smaller stream. Five minutes of hiking you should come to a large beaver dam that creates a pond. Circle around the water on the maze of paths that travel north through the woods and it will lead to an opening with the classic view. A log bench marks the area, and if you are arriving for sunrise, a photographer usually will also mark the spot.

Sunrise is by far the best time to photograph here, because of the beautiful colors on the mountains but also the water will most likely be a glassy reflection for the scene. In years past bison have been know to be in the area and also moose will pop up in the marshy land on the other side of the pond.

Photo by Jonathan Adams