Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake

Watching the sunrise on the peaks at Jenny Lake will be one of your favorite memories no matter if you aren't a photographer. Jenny Lake Overlook a small parking lot along the one-way section of the Jenny Lake Road.

Most try to get a glimpse of the peaks from the parking lot but I encourage you to make your way down the rough path to the shoreline so you can witness the unobstructed view of the full range.

At sunrise the mountains glow orange and reflect in the glassy mirror-like water providing an expanse that is hard to photograph even with a wide-angle lens. Consider photographing it in sections and overlapping each section so programs like Photoshop can stitch together the full length into a perfect panoramic.

Depending on the snowmelt, Jenny Lake in May might be low enough to expose large boulders along the bank of the lake, which can help provide a nice foreground dimension to the scene. After sunrise, wind begins to break up the reflection, and by noon white caps remove any chance of a tranquil feeling photograph.

Photo by Jonathan Adams