Photographer on Jackson Lake


To find out the lastest and greatest in Jackson Hole, turn to the local newspaper for scheduled events and news. Jackson is served by three newspapers in the valley. Two are weekly newspapers that publish every Wednesday and contain only local stories or stories about the region. The Jackson Hole News & Guide sells on the rack for .50 cents and will contain the most thorough news about the area. The JH Weekly is an alternative publication that focuses heavily on the arts and is available for free.

The Jackson Hole Daily is published Monday - Saturday and is available for free. The Daily is filled with Associated Press stories focused State, National and World news, and typically contains one local story. The JH Daily is a good resource for that days event calendar. The Jackson Hole News & Guide, and the Jackson Hole Daily are published by the same company.


Webcam for scenic photographers is a great resource to help quickly find out what the weather is doing in a different part of the valley.

For the past 10 years I've effectively used the webcams to give me an insight into cloud cover on the mountains, without having to drive north out of town to see for myself. This is also a great asset when trying to decide if sunset might happen and the likelyhood of clouds for more spectacular skies.


I've compiled a map of the most popular shooting locations through the Jackson Hole Valley with easy to read locations on an area map

Please feel free to use this as a resource to make your photography in Jackson Hole memorable. My suggestions is to combine this JH Guide Map with the Grand Teton National Park map, to give a more detailed information about the area roads.

Below, download the PDF for easiest viewing.

Jackson Hole Photographer's Guide Free PDF Download 3.8mb

Grand Teton Park Map

Once you enter Grand Teton National Park they provide you with one of the best maps in the area for free.

For years I've marked up these maps for tourist giving them the must see lists of the region.

Included below is a link so you can download a full size map to help in your pretrip planning. Map Courtesy of our tax dollars and the National Park Service.

Grand Teton National Park Map Free PDF Download 8.2mb

Yellowstone Park Map

A guide to Yellowstone National Park is a whole other world to explore for another website, to tackle.

Below is a link to the official Yellowston National Park map that you get for free once you enter the park

This PDF of the map can serve as a great resource for preplanning your trips and to give you a better understanding of the World's First National Park

Yellowstone National Park Map Free PDF Download 11.7mb